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Clone Along Path for Inkscape

This is an Inkscape extension derived from the Pattern Along Path extension, to help to perform calligraphy along paths.

Available at

Advanced TODO for project folders

Tasks and contexts are at the very heart of GTD. However, contexts apply not only for task execution, but also for task creation and task management. When creation, management and execution come together we can talk of a closed task management environment. This is not the case for a shopping list, but it is usually the case for software development projects. So that, if the project can be related to a computer folder and it is a closed task management environment, it is common to write down the tasks in a plain-text file called TODO.

Managing TODO files can be cumbersome, so there are nicer alternatives. Emacs org-mode is a good candidate, but nowadays I don't feel like using my piano skills to play emacs shortcuts. Another alternative is taskwarrior, but it is designed to be used as a whole for your system.

After some research, I found a way to turn taskwarrior in a complete TODO solution, with taskopen for an optional attached file for extended comments and notes.


  • Create a task
$ tt add Write a post about TODOs with takswarrior and taskopen
  • Attach some notes
$ tt 1 annotate Notes
  • Edit notes

$ ttnotes 1

Client certificate for moodle 2.3

I like client certificate authentication. It allows people to authenticate just once with the browser, and then to log into sites directly. I installed moodle in my organization to set up some internal certifications, and realized it does not allow client certification authentication. I also like reading the source, so I decided to patch it.

This is not a full patch for moodle, but a hack to have client certification authentication working.

Tennis 300

"Hi Eduardo. Some friends and me are playing our own tennis competition. The competition consists of matchs of three sets. Players rent the tennis court, but sometimes they have no time to finish the match. Moreover, sometimes the player that is losing wastes time in order not to finish. How could we score for the competition to make sense?"

Good question. So that, I designed Tennis 300.

Updating Drupal deleted posts in Google Reader

One of Google Reader Known Issues is that deleted posts still appear in their cached feeds. When deploying this site, I created some test posts that were deleted after the site was in production. However, they had already been cached by Google Reader, and made my feed look really ugly. This is how I updated these deleted posts.

Posts updated to null

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